Dear members,

We are so excited to announce that the Study Trip will be back in 2020! It is an amazing opportunity to meet new people, explore a foreign country and make some memories you will never forget. The location will be…. Zagreb, Croatia! Zagreb is a beautiful city surrounded by amazing nature and has many nice spots that we of course will visit. The Study Trip will contain lots of interesting activities, 2 daytrips and enough free-time to party hard of course. Our Study Trip will take place from the 26th of April until the 3rd of May. The costs of the Study Trip will be: €360 ,-


Come to our pre-registration drink where we will provide more information about the Study Trip. The drink will be held Monday the 2nd of December from 20:30 PM in café Stalles. After the drink you can also come with us to the afterparty in Skihut. The official registration for the Study Trip will start the next day, December 3rd 07:30 AM at the CEDO CULLI office (T15-03) for those who went out with us. If you don't go out with us, the registrations will open on the website at 08:00 AM sharp!

We hope to see you Monday the 2nd 20:30 PM at café Stalles.


The Study Trip Committee