Would you like to know more about what we do as a board? Or are you interested in doing a board year at Cedo Nulli? To get a better idea of what a board year exactly means, the current board organizes five information meetings. 

During this first online information session, every board member will give a presentation about his/her position and you get the opportunity to ask some questions about specific positions or the board in general.

In the upcoming sessions, former board members will talk about their experiences and we'll be doing some cases.

If you already have some questions after reading this, you can send an email to chairman@cedonulli.nl and Bas will gladly answer them!

SIDE NOTE: Please keep in mind that this event will be in English. However, if you want to apply for doing a board year, you have to be able to speak Dutch fluently! 

NOTE. Registrations will close on the 21st of January, 17.00