Dear Freshmen students and parents!

Do you want to show your parents what one of your days on university looks like? This is your chance! On the 29th of February we will organize a PARENT DAY!  Your parents will get a campus tour, a lecture and a tutorial, and so they will get to know how it feels to study at Erasmus University. The programme will start around 9:00 and will likely end at 16:00. It will be a day full of fun, so save the date and we hope to see you together with your parents there! ????

Buy your ticket on the right side of this page. A ticket is valid for members, non-members and parents. Please make sure to register as an external guest if you are a parent or non-member to be able to buy a ticket. Members can login and buy a ticket for themselves and/or for their parents. 
Kind regards,

The Freshmen Committee