Dear members, 

The Study Trip will be back in 2020 and this time we will be heading to Zagreb, Croatia. Zagreb is a beautiful city surrounded by amazing nature and has many nice spots that we of course will visit. Our Study Trip will contain lots of interesting activities, 2 daytrips and enough free-time to party in the nightlife of Zagreb. A little preview maybe… we are going to visit the incredible Plitvice Lakes and the University of Zagreb. The trip will take place from the 26th of April until the 3rd of May. For 360 euro’s you will have the transport, 7-night stay in a nice hostel, 2 daytrips and access to many activities that are planned for you. The down payment will be 100 euros. Keep in mind: you aren't registered for the Study Trip until you paid the down payment.

Are you interested in joining Cedo Nulli on this exciting trip? The registration starts Tuesday the 3rd of December. To clear a few things up, here are the rules for the upcoming registration:

-If you go out with us after the Study Trip Interest drink (2nd of December 20:30 at café Stalles) you can stay with us until 07:30 AM and be the first to sign up in the Cedo Nulli office (T15-03).

-If you don’t go out with us, you are also welcome at 07:30 AM at the Cedo Office but after 07:40 AM you have to wait until the online registration opens. So make sure you arrive on time.

-If you want to registrate early between 07:30 and 07:40 in the Cedo office, you also have to bring your passport with you.

-The online registration opens Tuesday December 3rd  08:30 AM at this page. Tip: If you are not a member of Cedo Nulli yet, sign up here before the registration opens.

-Are you on exchange or you simply can’t be early enough in the Cedo Office (T15-03) to be given priority to, you may send a representative. NOTE: The representative may NOT register for themselves, just only for the other person.

-When you registrate for the Study Trip, you have to pay 100 euro IMMEDIATLY. You can pay with iDeal, Creditcard and PayPal.

This only applies for the early registration: (If you can’t transfer the money from your bank-account without a card reader (e.dentifier, digipass etc.) make sure to bring your card reader with you.


The Study Trip Committee