Student housing in the Netherlands: How to get a room?


Finding a room in the Netherlands can be pretty hard for students. Especially when you live far away from your University, it can be devastating to invest a lot of time in it. For internationals it can be even harder to find a room. When it comes to finding student housing in the Netherlands, a lot of students make use of the concept ‘hospiteren’. This means that when you apply for a student house, you actually get invited to come over and have a chat or a beer with the residents of that particular house. ‘Hospiteren’ is not something that a lot of students like, but sometimes necessary for stepping into your college dream. But how does this work and what can we do to improve our chance in getting selected and chosen for a particular room? Here are some tips:

First of all, it is important to set up an interesting email or message. Most houses ask you to write a short but comprehensive message about yourself. Really think about what your interests are and how this will fit in with the ad. I am afraid that with just watching Netflix it will be hard to be invited.

Secondly after getting invited, try to make a good first impression. Take a shower, do your hair and spray some deo. Even though the beauty comes from the inside, people tend to be biased by the appearance of a person. Therefore, smile a bit, introduce yourself to everybody and try to remember their names. This will increase the likelihood that they will remember you.

Of course, its normal that you don’t like to ‘hospiteer’ for a room. But take a look at the bright side. There is a chance that you will meet friends for life, so be interested in them: maybe this is where your new life will start. If you come over as a person who has a positive and opportunistic vibe, your chances will increase! Therefore, it’s also important that you chat a bit with the other guests and do not see them as your competitors. The ‘hospitatie’ is of course different everywhere. It can differ from a casual speeddate or can turn into a crazy party. The fact is that you will not know beforehand. Therefore, it’s wise to take your time and don’t make a rushed impression.

Lastly, don’t take it personal when you won’t be selected. It’s hard to make a good impression in such a short time. Besides, if people won’t pick you, maybe it just wasn’t the right fit and it is for the best. There is a high chance that you will be grateful when finding a house where you fit in perfectly.  

Here are some webpages that can help you with finding a room in the Netherlands:

Kamer gezocht/aangeboden (group)
Kamers in Nederland (app)
Kamergezocht (page)