Meet the editors!


The new academic year 2020/2019 brings a new editorial staff. We have already started working on the platform and are very excited to bring new life into Credo! For you guys, our readers, we thought you might want to know who is behind the articles and what our staff looks like. So, with no further-ado, meet the editors!

Name: Sanne Kuijpers

Position: Chairman

Study: Sociology

Interests and daily business: I work three days a week at Humanitas, household support for the elderly, and do the financials in the management committee of the Stadswonen building where I live together with the four best roommates ever, in our apartment called: ‘Casa JP’. Next to that I try to go back to my hometown, Maastricht, sometimes to see my family and old friends but when I stay in Rotterdam for the weekend, I am never too busy to party! By becoming the chairman for Credo this year, I aspire to create a fun and entertaining magazine that people read out of interest. By putting in the effort and getting ourselves out there I am certain we will eventually see the results we wish for and get on the right track to becoming a committee everyone will remember!

Name: Kirana Hoogenbosch

Position: Writer

Study: Public Administration

Interests and daily business: In my daily life (besides trying to keep up with studying), I spend a lot of time with my two housemates and good friends, since I moved to Rotterdam this year! I like to spend a lot of my time here in Rotterdam since I’ve totally fallen in love with this city, but I try to go home to Papendrecht weekly. I just started working in Sliedrecht at ASVZ, which is a healthcare institution for the mentally and physically disabled; something I really enjoy doing. I am also half Indonesian and I try to go back to the far east regularly, because I miss them dearly. Lastly, I have a passion for writing and reading. Which is (of course) one of the reasons why I applied for the Credo staff. I am super excited for what’s coming this year and I hope to surprise you guys with fun and interesting articles!

Name: Sebe van Huisseling 

Position: Secretary

Study: Public Administration

Interests and Daily business: As the student life is not only about studying as hard as you can, you will not be surprised that I have some side-interests as well. My spare time is therefore filled with a lot of original activities like soccer, netflix, house/disco parties and craft beers. That's why I joined the Erasmus soccer association this year, also known as Antibarbari. There I practice my drinking capabilities, as well as my social skills. Because I spend a lot of time at antibarbari, I also need to finance all these interesting activities. That's why you can find me at the SS Rotterdam, where I work and assist people who play our Escape Room. As you would have guest, I also like writing and putting my mind on the paper. That’s why I am very thrilled to be part of the Credo committee this year!

Name: Iris Hoogesteger

Position: Visual designer

Study: Psychology

Interest and daily business: Currently I work 2 days in the week at the Intratuin in Zoetermeer where I live with my parents. But I’m a lot in Rotterdam because of the study Psychology which I started this year and of course for credo! Since I was little, I like to be creative. As a child I was always singing, dancing and crafting. When I went to school I played in musicals and followed art lessons but when I knew that I was going to University I didn’t want to let that go. That’s why I applied for the credo committee. Now I can be creative and meet new people in Rotterdam. My goal is to bring credo to another level. More attractive for readers and new cool videos that people are going to like so that credo becomes more popular! I’m really looking forward to this year. 

Name: Doina Balica

Position: Writer

Study: Management of International Social Challenges (MISOC)

Interest and daily business: I’m always standing by my favorite quote: “Expect problems and eat them for breakfast”. This led me to the decision that  this year I want to move to Rotterdam and start a new life as a student at EUR. Back home in Moldova, I was always finding a way to be busy, and I couldn’t let that lifestyle go, which is why I applied for Credo. I used to be a photographer, a volunteer, a summer-camp teacher, a Young European Ambassador (check it out), but now I am a Credo writer and I couldn’t be more excited about this new challenge! My aim is to represent and help international students through my articles and to delight you with some memes and jokes.