Special Study Spaces for Social Sciences Students


We are well into the new academic year and this means that most of you will have settled on study spaces on campus or in Rotterdam: do you have a favourite already? Maybe you've already done so much studying that you've grown bored with your standard study spot, or, maybe you've even found your own secret spot! To give you some inspiration for new, refreshing study spaces, I have found 5 spots in Rotterdam where you can study away whilst enjoying a coffee or something to eat. But behold: They are not standard studying spots; they all have their own unique twist. 

Heilige boontjes
First off, we have 'Heilige Boontjes'. This grand café is located in a former police station in the centre of Rotterdam. On Eendrachtsplein. They serve their own delicious 'Heilige Boontjes' coffee. They have recently upgraded from a simple café to a Grand café. They already had a great lunch menu: now you'll be able to have cocktail or order a burger too! The thing about Heilige Boontjes is that they started as a small charity, helping youngsters in Rotterdam building a future, producing coffee and running a coffee business. First, they focused on helping former prisoners re-integrate into society, but since they've grown so much, now they are able to help more young people with finding a job, overcoming their problems or fears or looking for a place to live. 

StationsHuiskamer Rotterdam Central Station
The 'Huiskamer' (Living room) is located in Rotterdam Central Station. A lot of passengers walk right past this place, probably because they're in a hurry, but look up and you'll notice the cosy-looking café filled with student focusing on whatever's on their laptop screen. They have big tables with comfortable chairs and sockets: perfect for studying! Besides studying, this is also a great place to spend your time waiting for your transfer. The place looks super cosy: decorated with lights, plants and on display are old train sets and art pieces. If you have more time: there's also a small library in the corner that's part of the actual library of Rotterdam. 

'Man met bril' Coffeebar
You can find real Rotterdam coffee at 'Man met Bril' (Guy with glasses). The founder of Man met bril coffee, Paul Sharo, buys his beans directly from a farmer in El Salvador. He makes sure his coffee is sold exclusively in Rotterdam. He already had his own coffee branding and warehouse, but now he also has his own coffee bar at vijverhofstraat, which is fairly close to Rotterdam Central Station. For great coffee and a study-proof space, try this one!

Within a short walk from 'Man met bril', you will find Coppi: a combination between a bike workshop and a café/lunchroom. Need your bike fixed? Bring it here and wait for it to be fixed whilst studying away and enjoying a coffee. The place is light and calm, so focus is almost guaranteed.

In Coolhaven we have Evermore. This small family business cares about their coffee. They started out making their own tea and branding their own coffee; later they moved to Coolhaven, to begin their own branding, coffee and tea warehouse, café and store. They make sure to have personal contact with the farmers they're buying from, and that they get a fair price for their coffee. Their café is decorated like a living room where you'll feel at home. Besides that, they are always trying to make their business more sustainable. It's a calm café, usually not too crowded and with a great front window view. This combination makes for a great study place.

So far the study spaces for this article; I hope I inspired you guys to switch up your study place once in a while!