Lunch Spots in Rotterdam – Spring Edition


As Spring is just around the corner, with the occasional clear skies and sunshine already appearing, it is necessary to start planning your future meet ups. As the majority of the year is spent indoors with dreary grey skies and cold weather, it sure is exciting to spend time outside in the sunshine with your friends and loved ones.

When the sun is out just the smallest amount- the people of Rotterdam sure know how to appreciate all the Vitamin D they can get- so that is why I have  gathered 4 places to visit during sunny weathers! 



A true favorite of mine, Parqiet is situated in the open field, right in the middle of Het park. A stunning building, an exquisite menu- this cafe is truly a gem. They offer delicious breakfast, lunch and afternoon drinks that can satisfy your sunny day fresh cravings. A place perfect for family time, meet ups or dates!


Location: Baden Powelllaan 20, 3016 GJ Rotterdam

Opening times: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6pm


Price: $$


A unique restaurant linked to Gimsel Academy serves a 100% organic and vegetarian, and 80% vegan open buffet- all days of the week! With more than 20 fresh options, ranging from desserts to dinner, this place definitely worth checking out in Rotterdam in the Spring. A beautiful outside area to sit and enjoy your meal to ensures a relaxing time at Spirit. Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, or anybody who just wants a damn good meal! They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner!


Location: Mariniersweg 9, Rotterdam

Opening times: Monday-Friday 8am-11pm


Price: $$$


You know that when the sun comes out, the first thing you think about is getting a fresh cold beer. Me too. This is why this place is perfect for that. This place introduced craft beer to Rotterdam, as they brew their beers THEMSELVES. Yes, pretty impressive. A modern buvette with perfect seating outside to soak in the Vitamin D in whilst having a cold one. A definite recommendation from me.

Location: Mauritsweg 52, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Opening times & days: Wednesday- Sunday 3pm-12am.


Price: $$ 


The most unique places out of them all, Op Het Dad is Holland’s first urban rooftop farm and urban garden. A restaurant and coffee bar located on a roof in the city of Rotterdam, this place is truly fascinating. All ingredients are all grown at the farm, and you get to eat on it. How original? Enjoy springtime on a rooftop in Rotterdam surrounded by nature. A restaurant with a mission to serve local and clean food, it surely does not get better than this.

Photo credits to @ophetdak

Location: Schiekade 189 3013 BR Rotterdam

Opening times: Tuesday-Sunday 9am – 17:00


Price: $$-$$$