Eurekaweek Committee

The Eurekaweek is the introduction week for all new first-year EUR students. This week is filled with activities, stunts and parties from all study/student associations in Rotterdam. It is the most important week to get new ESSB students in touch with Cedo Nulli!

The Eurekaweek Committee is responsible for all the activities that will be organised during this week. They will use their reativity to come up with a Cedo party, arranging goodies, nice promotional stunts during the campus day, festival and more!


  • Taha Boujnane

    Taha Boujnane


  • Manon Schoonderwaldt

    Manon Schoonderwaldt


  • Esther van der Sluijs

    Esther van der Sluijs

    Treasurer and Commissioner of Promotion