MIPAS Committee

This committee organizes study related activities for all MISOC, Public Administration and Sociology students. From a Publecture to a Symposium, and from a visit to the House of Representatives to a weekendtrip to Brussels! This committee is one of the most diverse committees of Cedo, and with that one of the most fun ones!

Contact us: mipas@cedonulli.nl


  • Patryk Jarmakowicz

    Patryk Jarmakowicz


  • Jinke Oostvogel

    Jinke Oostvogel


  • Radhika Ramdayal

    Radhika Ramdayal


  • Imran Ait el Bachir

    Imran Ait el Bachir

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Imme van der Boom

    Imme van der Boom

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Yu Cheng Huang

    Yu Cheng Huang

    Commissioner of Promotion