Freshmen Committee

The Freshmen Committee organizes activities for the freshmen at the ESSB. The committee is responsible for the bond between freshmen and Cedo Nulli and organizes a lot of activities, especifically for freshmen. If you want to start your student life in a great way, you should keep an eye on them!


  • Lucas Meyer

    Lucas Meyer


  • Thyra Kouwenhoven

    Thyra Kouwenhoven


  • Jesse van Dalen

    Jesse van Dalen


  • Lara de Jong

    Lara de Jong

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Sara Bosma

    Sara Bosma

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Timo Hagers

    Timo Hagers

    Commissioner of External Relations

  • Annelot Lock

    Annelot Lock

    Commissioner of External Relations