Credo Editorial Staff

The Credo Editorial Staff is a group of creative and curious mind, responsible for the Credo Magazine. It used to be a magazine, but a few years ago we switched to becoming an online platform. This online platform releases articles on a weekly basis on topics that are as relatable to students and their lives as possible. They will share their thoughts or shine a light on a obscure topic, so you can get smarter everyday.

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  • Sanne Kuijpers

    Sanne Kuijpers


  • Sebe van Huisseling

    Sebe van Huisseling


  • Iris Hoogesteger

    Iris Hoogesteger

    Commissioner of Visual Design

  • Kirana Hoogenbosch

    Kirana Hoogenbosch

    Commissioner of Writing

  • Stella van der Valk

    Stella van der Valk

    Commissioner of Writing

  • Doina Balica

    Doina Balica

    Commissioner of Writing