Community Committee

This committee will work on organizing a diverse amount of activities, where this year, students can indirectly help out a charity the committee chose on the start of the year. The profit made at these activities will be donated in its entirety to a charity in Rotterdam. Do you want to help out? Then come to the ‘ComCom’s’ activities!

For most children, celebrating their birthday, Saint Nicholas or Christmas is taken for granted, but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. There are still 61.000 children who won't be getting any presents this year due to money or family issues.

As the Community Committee, we are committed to help these children, by supporting Stichting Jarige Job. This organization makes sure all children get the birthday celebration they deserve. If you want to help us, you can do so by making a donation via bank transfer to Cedo Nulli, please put 'donation for Jarige Job' in the description and send it to NL16ABNA0504216554.

Lots of love,

Cedo Nulli, The Community Committee


  • Lorena Rekers

    Lorena Rekers


  • Eva Mostert

    Eva Mostert


  • Roseanne Scheele

    Roseanne Scheele


  • Nikki Wijers

    Nikki Wijers

    Commissioner of Promotion

  • Laura Koolhoven

    Laura Koolhoven

    Commissioner of External Relations