Become a friend of Cedo Nulli!

Are you a good friend, a parent or a former member of Cedo Nulli? And do you want to contribute? Maybe you can become a friend of our association! Friends of Cedo Nulli are people with their heart on the right place. They give voluntarily an amount to Cedo Nulli and receive from the Board a huge appreciation for this. Of course they are receiving a special mention on the website and they will more often receive a token of our appreciation. They are also receiving our newsletter and our Credo Magazine. 

Would you like to donate? Please contact the Secretary via Of course you have the possibility to choose how you want to pay and what the amount is for that, but you can also choose one of the packages below. We are very grateful for every donation. It's also possible to think with us about the spending of your donation.

- Bronze
€ 25, - a year

- Silver
€ 50, - a year

- Gold
€ 75, - a year

- Platinum
More than € 100, - per year

Friends of the association:

  • Quinten de Coo
  • Laurens Coumou