Study groups

At Cedo Nulli, we know how difficult it can be to prepare for your exams. This is why we organise study groups again! Members of Cedo Nulli can participate in the study groups for free. Under the guidance of a senior student you are able to ask questions and discuss issues.

Signing up
Each period, study groups take place in the week before the exam. When subscription opens, you will find a link on our Facebook page and the website. 

Want to give a study group yourself? 
We are always in need of new student tutors. From student tutors is required that they master the concerning matter, but enthousiasm and motivation outweighs high grades. Being a student tutor is a good addition to your resumé. Also, the result of recollecting the material and explaining it to someone else is that you have an advantage in your later studies, because your knowledge stays activated. And last but not least, in the end of the year, we will organise an activity for all the student tutor to thank them for their commitment. Are you interested or do you want some more information on being a student tutor? Send an email to, we will contact you!