Erasmus University Rotterdam

→ Sociology, with 3 specializations:

↠ Management and Organizations

↠ Politics and Society

↠ Urban Studies

Maastricht University

→ European Public Affairs

→ Globalisation and Development Studies

→ Public Policy and Human Development

→ Research Master European Studies

→ Sustainability Science and Policy

Radboud University Nijmegen

→ Social and Cultural Science (Research)

→ Behavioural Science (Research)

University of Groningen

→ Behavioural and Social Sciences, with the specialization Sociology

→ Population Studies

Tilburg University

→ Human Resource Studies

→ Organization Studies

→ Sociology (EN), with 2 specializations:

↠ Double Degree in Sociology and Population Studies

↠ Double Degree in Sociology with University of Trento

→ Research Master in Social and Behavioural Sciences (EN), with 2 specializations:

↠ Minor Social Sciences

↠ Minor Methodology and Statistics

Leiden University

→ Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, with 1 specialization:

↠ Sociology of Policy in Practice

University of Twente

→ European Studies

→ Methodology and Statistics of the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences

University of Utrecht

→ Cultural Anthropology: Sustainable Citizenship

→ Migration, Ethnic Relations and Multiculturalism

→ Social Policy and Social Interventions

→ Sociology and Social Research

→ Conflict Studies and Human Rights

University of Amsterdam

→ International Development Studies

→ Medical Anthropology and Sociology

→ Urban and Regional Planning

VU Amsterdam

→ Culture, Organization and Management