Erasmus University Rotterdam

→ Educational Science

→ Child & Family Studies

University of Groningen

→ Educational Sciences: Communication and Deafblindness

→ Youth, Society and Policy

→ Evidence-based Education

University of Leiden

→ Developmental Psychopathology in Education and Child Studies (research)

→ Education and Child Studies, met 8 specialisaties:

↠ Applied neuroscience in Education and Child Studies

↠ Child and Family Science

↠ Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies

↠ Digital Media in Human Development

↠ Educational Science

↠ Forensic Family Science / Forensische gezinspedagogiek

↠ Learning Problems and Impairments

↠ Special Needs Children in Education

University of Utrecht

→ Clinical Child, Family and Education Studies

→ Development and Socialisation in Childhood and Adolescence

→ Educational Sciences: Learning in Interaction

→ Youth, Education and Society