Battle of the Committees

This is probably the most prestigious competition you can imagine. No, it ís the most prestigious competition in the world! The Battle of the Committees is a battle where all the brave committee members can collect points - so-called BOTC-points - for their own committee in order to win. Every year, the battle is fierce and many brave committee members accept the challenge to earn points for their committee. But, how do you get points? 

Points can be earned by doing the following:
     - 1 point for 1 committee member at a social activity, 2 points for 2 committee members at a                social activity.  Do I really have to keep going? I think you get the idea ;)
     DISCLAIMER: attending activities organized by the Freshmen Committee or Alumni Committee            won’t give you any points. This counts for the Study Groups as well.

     - 2 points for each committee member present at a study related, career related activity or the              General Assembly (this is still a serious event, so keep it cool!!!).

     o Stealing a vest of a board member: 2 points
     o Present for the board: 1 - 5 points (depending on how super awesome it
      is) (we prefer this in stead of stealing our vests ;))
     o Think of an activity for the board: 1 - 5 points
     o Homemade meme: 1 point if we like it (ah, nothing like the smell of freshly
     made memes)
     o Quote: 1 point if we like it
     o Going on a committee weekend-trip: 2 points
     o Bringing non-members to the Castle of Cedo Nulli (T15-03 sounds less sexy) and making sure          they register for Cedo Nulli: 2 points (yay for you!)

Now some even more serious business. To earn points, you need to do two things: first, you need to do one of the above. Second, we need to know about it, so you will need to fill in the file the Marketing Officer will send to the email address of your own committee. He will do this one week prior to our Monthly Drink. During this drink, you will see the interim score of the Battle of the Committees.

The battle will start during the Committee Introduction Weekend and will end at the end of the BOTC Finale Drink. At the end of this day, the glorious winning committee will be revealed and will earn the marvellous title: “Battle of the Committees Winner''. Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

f this hasn’t motivated you enough to get started on winning and earning those points, the winning committee will be forever glorified at the Cedo Nulli Office! Your picture will hang on the wall with all previous winners of the BOTC! So, my dear committee members, go on and make those points count!